Zachary's Jewelers: Coolest Store in America

This year, Zacharys Jewelers has been awarded the most prestigious award of Coolest Store by industry reknowned publication, InStore Magazine. With more than 40,000 jewelers in the country, Zacharys Jewelers has been selected as the best of the best.

Zachary's Jeweler's: The Odyssey

Over the course of a decades-long journey, Steve Samaras of Zachary’s Jewelers met pain and disaster with friendship, skill and ingenuity that would do his Greek ancestors proud — and that have made him a local legend.

By Josh Wimmer

Downtown Annapolis, MD, is PACKED. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, families and couples bustle up and down the sidewalks, which are lined with boutique retailers — many local, a few chain stores — upscale souvenir shops, and an inordinate number of ice cream parlors. The crowd is a mix of older folks, whose T-shirts and shorts can’t conceal the signs of a comfortable income, and younger adults, whose quietly dignified carriage suggests an affiliation with the U.S. Naval Academy, which sits next to the shopping zone.

In the middle of it all, in what is indisputably the prime location in this very prime location, is Zachary’s Jewelry, right on the corner of Main Street, facing the water.

It wasn’t always this way, though, and it could have turned out very differently. Because while perseverance, brains and a love for his people, his work and his community have played a huge role in owner and president Stephen Samaras’ success, he was also helped along by a bit of bad luck. REALLY bad luck.

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