Caring for Your Diamond

To appreciate your diamond's brilliance and sparkle, it is important that it is kept clean. We recommend, as part of our lifetime complimentary service, that you visit Zachary's as often as you wish to have your diamond professionally cleaned, checked and polished. This should be done at least twice a year.

Complimentary Check-up

We encourage you to visit us three months after receiving your diamond for its initial check-up. This will allow us to check your ring for a proper fit and make sure your prongs are still tight to properly secure your diamond.

Cleaning at Home

When necessary, you can clean your ring at home. With an equal mixture of ammonia and water, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently clean the underside of the stone. Rinse throughly with cold water. Visit Zachary's the next time for a professional cleaning to make your diamond sparkle like new.

Insurance for Your Diamond

It is very important to insure your diamond properly against lost, theft and damage done to your ring. Every Zachary's diamond comes with a complete appraisal. Be sure to send a copy of your appraisal to your insurance company and request that it is scheduled separately on your homeowner's or renter's policy.

Checking Your Diamond

Sharp blows can damage your stone and prongs. You should check the security of your stone to make sure your prongs have not been weakened or bent.

Hold your ring between your thumb and middle finger. Using your index finger, gently tap the shank of your ring next to your ear. If you hear a slight clicking sound, this means your diamond is loose. Bring your ring to Zachary's as soon as possible so we can fix it for you.