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Why we do what we do:

In everything we do, we ask ourselves what more can we do to bring humanity to retail.

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At Zachary’s, we pride ourselves in offering customer service as remarkable and personal as the jewelry we sell. We noticed you’ve got a great attitude and think you’d make a great addition to our team. Now, all we’ve got to do is get to know you a little better.


What is it like to work for Zachary’s Jewelers?

A year ago, if someone had asked me where I think I would be in 6 months, I guarantee my response would be nothing compared to where I am today. I know that sounds sappy and cliché – but it’s the truth.

If you had asked me, my response would probably be something like, “I don’t know. Probably doing the same thing I’m doing now? Nannying 3 kids and knowing that I’m not living up to my own potential”. Somebody was listening though, because in November 2018, I embarked on the greatest occupational journey of my life. I accepted a job to become a part of the Zachary’s jeweler’s family as a future custom jewelry designer.

I use the word family, because when I got the job I was not only guided constantly by my coworkers, but I was lifted up, given all the materials to grow and flourish within the industry, and I was listened to.

That is probably the most important part for me. I think one of the BEST things you can feel in your industry is Important, especially if you’re transitioning. For me, I was asked how I would like to be approached, what things to say and not to say to me, and I was given a personality test to help me find my voice in this industry. Since I have started, these feelings of being appreciated and important have only flourished within me – in all aspects of my life – and I am finally able to see why people say “If you love what you do, its not work”.

- Brittany

Brittany Atcherson, Custom Jewelry Designer at Zachary’s Jewelers in Severna Park MD

Brittany Atcherson, Custom Jewelry Designer at Zachary’s Jewelers in Severna Park MD


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