Color is one of the four Cs. It refers to the body color displayed by a diamond. Color is graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the most colorless white diamond. This color grading system does not include the many "fancy" colors of diamonds. To learn more about "fancy" colored diamonds, click here

Click and Move the gold frame across the diamond scale to see the master set of diamonds used for color grading.  



Diamond Color FAQs

Q: Why does the diamond color scale start at D and not A?

A: At the time when GIA created the 4Cs, many people were using the terms A, B, or C to describe diamonds but since there were no standards in place this was a very subjective and oversimplified way to describe diamonds. So to combat confusion, GIA started their color scale at D.


Q: What diamond colors are good for engagement rings?

A: For white diamonds, we recommend staying in the "Colorless" to "Near Colorless" Range. That said, any Fancy Colored diamond is perfectly stunning for the right lady.