Notes from Brittany: The Rare Gemstone that will mark our Generation

Experts expect the Tanzanite mines to be depleted in the next 25 years! You can imagine my joy when a customer brought in their tanzanite and diamond ring last week wanting to get an upgraded tanzanite stone.

This is a gemstone that will mark our generation. Down the line, our great grandchildren will see a tanzanite and know that this is the era it came from because tanzanite’s will be forever linked to our generation.

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Notes from Brittany: Giving Heirlooms a Fresh Start

She said to me after she had taken her precious ring home, “I was beyond thrilled when I saw the ring they made for me. It was PERFECT. I started to cry, I was so happy! It was like being reunited with an old friend.” Now when she gets stopped and asked about the ring, she is able to tell her story through this talisman, creating an eternal bond between her and her Paw Paw.

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Notes from Brittany: Custom Designing Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue

Instead of searching endlessly for four items she can wear that not only all go together but don’t take away for her dress can be exhausting. One jewelry piece can be custom created and in a matter of weeks, POOF! She can have a custom-tailored piece of jewelry encapsulating all the traditions in one! In custom design, the possibilities are endless. From a simple sketch, a piece can be manifested into life, even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. 

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Notes from Brittany: What it's really like to custom design your own wedding bands!

I ended up with three designs, of which I had a very hard time choosing… But I eventually came to realize that I kept going back to the second design. It still provided the support for my engagement ring but added in visually appealing negative space with romantic curves. It is artsy like myself but doesn’t present as overwhelming.

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Top Reasons to Buy a Natural Gem: Jewelry Nerd

As fine jewelers we can't fathom many reasons to not buy a genuine gemstone. But sometimes we find it helps to hear from a third party perspective. Jewelry Nerd isn't exactly an outsider to our industry, but she is the online champion of transparency and good information in Fine Jewelry. So we asked her to weigh in on Natural Gemstones specifically for USNA Class Rings. 

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