She Said 'Yes': Walt & Livia


Walt & Livia

The most famous princess in the world has a Sapphire engagement ring. Yet surprisingly, it is such a rare occasion for a couple to choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring many jewelers do not even offer them. We take pride in offering truly custom engement rings... enough about us.Today's featured couple steals the spotlight in every way... On February 10th, Walt asked Livia to marry him and we are obsessed with their love story.

Restaurant Proposal
Sapphire Engagement Ring

In His Words: 

See more of Livia's Illustrations on her instagram page.

See more of Livia's Illustrations on her instagram page.

While the idea of getting engaged was not a complete surprise, as Livia assisted in picking out the ring, the proposal itself was. Livia knew the ring was on its way but she didn't exactly know when it would show up. I stalled her with excuses like, well the setting is  back ordered or I haven't heard any updates. 

It was really important to me that an element of surprise remain in the proposal process. I mean surprises are totally awesome right?!

A few days before the 10th, I knew Livia was going to be meeting her mother for lunch in Columbia. Once I heard about her lunch plans I knew I had to move fast. Fast forward about 187 text messages, 37 emails and 28 phone calls to Friday morning. I had managed to get everyone organized to meet a Clyde's in Columbia at noon.

With Livia and her parents seated in the restaurant, I walked through the front door, with my folks right behind me. As soon as Livia made eye contact with me she knew exactly what was about to happen. 

Without hesitating I walked right up to the table and I asked Livia to turn and face me. At this point the entire restaurant fell silent, I got down on one knee and told her privately about how I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I asked the big question, Will you marry me?! As soon as the words YES crossed her lips the whole place cheered!.......( I think I blacked out at this point) the rest of lunch was a blur!

It was an exciting process. If I could do it all over again I would do it the exact same way! 

Happy Couple

Why We Love It!

It's not the most traditional, for a girl to be in on picking out her own ring. But it ensures she is getting what she wants. Livia is a brilliant visual artist, making the idea of picking the perfect ring for her blindly that much more daunting. This was also a big decision that catalyzes other big decisions, so to see a couple making it together shows that the two will probably always make big decisions together. Last but definitely not least Walt still kept the moment romantic and memorable. With both sets of parents present and a silent restaurant, this proposal must have been like something out of a movie. 

choco tacos

How did they meet?  

We met through mutual friends almost 5 years ago but, what's funny, is that we actually went to the same high school!  We went to a very large high school and were in different grades but, I always think we could have been passing each other in the halls, bumping into each other or even speaking!? 

How did they know each other were "the One"?

We always say that our "weird" matches.  We are both very passionate, driven and loving individuals.  Never afraid to be ourselves and show our "weird", and lucky for us, our weird just matches :)

Mixed Media by Livia

And so another Engaged Adventure begins. We can't wait to see these two walk down the isle!

The Adventure Begins
Walt & Livia
Illustration by Livia
Sapphire Engagement Ring

Did we mention that all the illustrations, calligraphy and mixed media are done by Livia?!?!?!


[This blog post was originally posted on February 21, 2017.]


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