They Said 'I Do': Sophie & Brandon


Sophie & Brandon

Sophie Asprey & Brandon Venturini

Twenty-sixteen, was filled with weddings dressed in Zachary's rings but one in particular stands out amongst the crowd. On a magical day at Hevadu Vineyard Estates in Malibu California, a former Navy Midshipman, named Brandon, married a stunning blonde beach volleyball player, named Sophie.

How did they meet?

The couple met December 2, 2012. When Brandon was playing basketball for the Naval Academy at Tulane University.  Brandon’s Aunt overheard Sophie and her Beach Volleyball teammates crushing on him and his friends. Brandon’s Aunt said that’s my nephew! She said that she needed help finding the bathroom after the game, which was conveniently right next to where Brandon came out of the locker-room. Brandon met Sophie and they were doing long distance, coast to coast until they finally got married May 21, 2016.

beautiful wedding in Malibu
True Love
They Said I Do

How did he know she was the one?

When I got to know Sophie more and more each day, her heart for others is what really won me over. She has a one of a kind heart that is always loving, caring, and focused on helping others.  It is very hard to find someone with that kind of thoughtfulness. Once I knew that she was like this, I never looked back.

How did she know he was the one?

The first time Brandon told me he loved me he took me down to our favorite spot on the beach and told me all the things he loved about me. He made it so special and that is very rare to find. His thoughtfulness won me over!

Why their wedding was one of our favorites of twenty sixteen and possibly ever...

Sophie and Brandon had all the makings of a dream wedding. To start they are a storybook couple, two beautiful people whose love has already endured the test of separation. Then add in the perfectly ivied outdoor location, a sword arch that magically transitioned to a thousand sparklers, and outfit changes! It is easy to see why this wedding fit for royalty makes our top moments of 2016.

Sophie and Brandon Venturini
Sophie Asprey and Brandon Venturini

To a year that was unforgettable, Cheers!

[This blog post was originally posted on January 18, 2017.]