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Guest Post from Jewelry Nerd!

As fine jewelers we can't fathom many reasons to not buy a genuine gemstone. But sometimes we find it helps to hear from a third party perspective. Jewelry Nerd isn't exactly an outsider to our industry, but she is the online champion of transparency and good information in Fine Jewelry. So we asked her to weigh in on Natural Gemstones specifically for USNA Class Rings. 

Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Natural Gem

Jewelry Nerd  is a leader in online information regarding all things fine jewelry.

Jewelry Nerd is a leader in online information regarding all things fine jewelry.

1. Beauty.

Natural gemstones are simply more beautiful. When asked about the visual differences between natural and synthetic gemstones, most people say that synthetic gemstones just look “fake.” You are the real deal. Express that with a real gem!


2. Value.

Natural gemstones are more valuable than synthetic gemstones and hold that value over the long run. You’re going to hold your value. Shouldn’t the gem you put in your ring do the same?


3. Adventure.

Each gem tells a story. It’s fascinating to think of all the hands that a single gemstone passes through to get to your ring. From a local gem miner, to a gemstone cutter, to a buyer and beyond, gems go on adventures across the world. These adventures parallel the adventures you see that most people can only ever dream of!


4. History.

Each gem carries with it the millions of years that it took to form deep in the earth and under intense pressure. It’s not unlike the formation of an officer. The pressure you experience only makes you stronger. It helps to create the excellence you cultivate through training and can celebrate at graduation.


5. Status.

Everyone wants the best. Especially after you’ve worked so hard for something. Natural gems are the reward that allow you to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.


6. Rarity.

Each gemstone is unique. There are never two gemstones that are exactly alike, yet when many of them come together, they form something magnificent.  Just like each of us is unique, we can come together to form something greater than we can be alone.


7. Sustainability.

Besides being mined sustainably, many countries involved in gemstone acquisition have educational and job programs that keep cutting techniques, mining and gemological education in the hands of the people themselves. This provides funds for schools, wells for clean water, economic development, and funding for local farmers to provide food for the people involved. When you buy a gemstone, you’re keeping a community of real people alive and well. That’s real sustainability! It represents the sustainability of the community that you foster by being a part of the United States Navy.


8. National Pride.

Did you know that sapphires and rubies sometimes form natural stars in them? What better way to express your love for our stars and stripes than with a natural gemstone that formed with a natural star in it?!

This photo is courtesy of  Wendy Hickok Photography .

This photo is courtesy of Wendy Hickok Photography.

A Brief Background of our Relationship to US Naval Academy Class Rings

Every fall, we roll out hundreds of loose gemstones for second class USNA Midshipmen to choose from. Our Midshipmen love the opportunity to work with a local jeweler to customize and personalize their rings. We love the opportunity to serve those who serve our nation in the most prestigious way. With admiration it is our joy to service members of the United States Naval Academy.

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