Treasured: Nana's Diamonds are Forever


 Nana's Diamonds are Forever

Named for her grandmother, Rita M. came to Zachary's with a selection of diamond jewelry from her Nana. Rita had a brilliant and distinct plan when she came to us. Feeling as though the jewelry from years past didn't quite fit her style, she wanted to create the ring of her dreams with the diamonds from her Nana's jewelry. Rita's whimsical custom re-designed ring, showcases several of her Nana's vintage diamonds set in a swirly pattern with milgrain edges.

Custom Designed Ring with Recycled Diamonds

"I think jewelry is very special to the person who wears the piece. I knew I wanted to keep her jewelry in the family but I didn’t have my heart in the designs of the pieces she gave to me. Zachary’s worked for many months with me to create this ring."

- Rita M.

As the first-born grandchild, Rita wears her beautiful custom ring everyday, to honor her grandmother Rita P., who she was named after. She recalls that her grandmother loved life and family above everything else. Now, Rita keeps her grandmothers tradition of entertaining the family with regular weekend dinners and brings laughter and joy to everyday. Both Nana Rita P.'s legacy and diamonds will live to see another generation with a fresh perspective. 

Rita Perna

"She was a joyful person and funny too. I bring laughter to each day and am proud of my heritage."

-Rita M.

Custom Diamond Ring with Milgrain

"I can now wear this ring knowing its part of my grandmother and she would be proud to see me wearing it too!"

- Rita M.

Rita & Rita


Rita was helped by: 

Nicki Bouchard

Nicki Bouchard

Nicki is a seasoned member of Zachary's Jewelers, wife and mother of two. She is passionate about helping customers with custom design and re-design.

"I love helping customers take something old and making it new again!"



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