Notes from Brittany: What it's really like to custom design your own wedding bands!

Brittany Atcherson and Fiance Nick Pata

Brittany Atcherson and Fiance Nick Pata

For me, it is a young love. Everytime I hang out with my wedding bands, I get goose bumps all over my body and a feeling of undeniable admiration, and every time I have to leave them, I have feelings of separation and nakedness. It may seem sort of exaggerated to some – but the weight of meaning that these two bands hold is almost indescribable.

When I started the process of putting pencil to paper, I could not wait to get started on this. Every night after work I would check into the creative side of my brain and sketch out a couple wedding band ideas – and believe me when I tell you that it took me a ridiculous number of months to finalize my design. That is because every piece becomes a representation of myself and my company – thoughtful and beautiful. Thoughtfulness when it comes to design is one of my best qualities, which is why I always ask myself when designing…

  1. Is it beautiful and unique?

  2. Is it structurally sound and will it last?

  3. And above all, are all of the wearer’s specifications met?

Conceptually, I wanted to bring back to life the concept of “ring enhancers”. Traditionally, the purpose of ring enhancers was to provide support for the center stone and both sides of the band by nestling themselves securely against one another; sort of like a mom and dad supporting a child.

Three ring wrap wedding band designs

I ended up with three designs, of which I had a very hard time choosing. If you are a woman, I am sure you can relate to my indecisiveness. One day, I was feeling minimalist wearing neutral clothes, so I loved the first sketch. Then next day I was feeling more empowered and was visually stunned by the impact of the third design. But I eventually came to realize that I kept going back to the second design. It still provided the support for my engagement ring but added in visually appealing negative space with romantic curves. It is artsy like myself but doesn’t present as overwhelming.

Brittanys wedding bands.jpg

Once the drawn design was finalized on paper, our jeweler went to work creating a CAD drawing using a computer program that used my engagement ring measurements to sculpt my drawing to fit my engagement band to almost exact proportions.

CAD Rendering of Custom Designed Wedding Bands.

CAD Rendering of Custom Designed Wedding Bands.

Once the jeweler had the CAD completed, he than printed a plastic 3D model of the ring that he used to pour a plaster-like substance over it called an Investment. Once the investment hardened, it was heated to an extremely high temperature that completely dissolved the plastic, creating a cavity. The 14k rose gold alloy was then poured into the cavity and ta-da! My rough bands were created, and ready to be set with diamonds. Last step: to finish the ring to a lustrous high polished finish.

Woven rose gold and diamond custom wedding bands

I now have a month until I can wear my bands permanently. Having to wait is like giving me $20, telling me to walk into a Godiva chocolate store, and then telling me I have to stand there for 40 something days. To help make me feel better, my bands will be on display at the Severna Park location until I get married, and I would love for you to come in to see my bands, look around, or ask me questions about the custom design process.

What do you guys think about my band or the custom design process? Leave a note, a remark, or a question in the comments and let’s continue this conversation and see where it leads us!



Brittany graduated from Florida State with an BFA in Graphic Design. Now, she uses her knowledge of design to create custom jewelry pieces for one-of-a kind clients. Find Brittany, at the Zachary’s Jewelers in Severna Park, MD or on Instagram @Brittany_ZacharysJewelers

“Being able to do two of my passions in one job is truly a dream; offering happiness and love for customers and creatively putting pen to paper.” -Brittany