Notes from Brittany: The Rare Gemstone that will mark our Generation

Gemstone from Tanzania Tanzanite

The East African Country Tanzania is the world’s largest and only producer of the precious gemstone we call Tanzanite. The mining area is extremely small and only found at the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Let’s take a second to digest that. Tanzanite is only located in a very small section of one country, making it one of the most sought-after gemstones today. Legend has it that the hills of Mererani in Tanzania were set ablaze by an extreme bolt of lightning. As the fire swept through the hills, the brown crystals were turned into a mesmerizing shade of blue.

where does tanzanite come from?

While rough Tanzanite is breathtaking, cut and polished Tanzanite displays a special physical property.  These beautiful gemstones reflect trichroic properties, meaning they can display three different colors. When you move premium Tanzanite through different light sources, you will see vivid cobalt blue, delicate shades of purple, and bright magenta flashes.

rough Tanzanite

Experts expect the Tanzanite mines to be depleted in the next 25 years! You can imagine my joy when a customer brought in their Tanzanite and diamond ring last week wanting to get an upgraded Tanzanite stone.

This is a gemstone that will mark our generation. Down the line, our great grandchildren will see a Tanzanite and know that this is the era it came from because this rare gemstone will be forever linked to our generation.

Our customer had fallen unhappy with her current Tanzanite because it had been re-polished a few times, losing a significant amount of its original color and a lot of its sparkle. She also wanted to purchase a slightly larger stone but with a much deeper and more rare color. It took a few weeks to find the perfect stone for her, but once we did and she received it, she shuddered in delight. Her delight turned into fascination and admiration after I spoke about the rareness of the stone that she gets to love forever, and almost brought her to tears. She finally was able to bond again with the ring her husband had given her years ago.

We are so fortunate to light up someone’s life with happiness and love, and we don’t plan on stopping! If you are interested in upgrading or creating some personalized Tanzanite jewelry, we would love to help! Book your appointment below, and we can’t wait to meet you!



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