Love Stories

The Strausses

These High School Sweethearts met at 14, started dating by 16 and have been inseparable ever since. With four moves across country down, this couple is ready for anything, including a life of military moves and deployments. 

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Walt & Livia

Without hesitating I walked right up to the table and I asked Livia to turn and face me. At this point the entire restaurant fell silent, I got down on one knee and told her privately about how I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I asked the big question, Will you marry me?! As soon as the words YES crossed her lips the whole place cheered!.......

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Scott & Kristin

 Under the guise of taking a self timed couple’s photograph, Kristin set the camera to count down from ten seconds and then take ten photos, one per second. When she walked over to pose, I kneeled down and proposed!

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Kevin & Catherine

She served at a Young Life camp in the Dominican Republic last summer and brought me back a piece of wood (I've done carpentry on the side for a little over 10 years). Little did she know I took that wood and made it into the box I used to propose!

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Richard & Caroline

I chose to propose in Paris because it is Caroline's favorite city in the entire world. She would get teary-eyed just thinking about being able to spend time together there...

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Sophie & Brandon

When I got to know Sophie more and more each day, her heart for others is what really won me over. She has a one of a kind heart that is always loving, caring, and focused on helping others.  It is very hard to find someone with that kind of thoughtfulness. Once I knew that she was like this, I never looked back...


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