Marco Bicego

My jewels attain their identity through a fascinating mix of Italian culture and creativity.
— Marco Bicego


Marco Bicego’s designs are based upon 3 signature hallmarks: multicolor gemstones, hand twisted coil and hand engraved 18K gold. Founded in 1958, Marco's business was handed down to him by his father. 


Hand Engraving

Marco Bicego jewelers pride them selves on their Italian craftsmanship and finishing techniques. This video show the brands signature hand engraving done with the ancient tool called a "bulino."


Twisted Coil

The signature coils of Marco Bicego are made by tightly winding 18k Gold "thread" around a thicker strand of gold, which is then shaped into the pieces we adore. 


Multi-Colored Gemstones

Marco Bicego utilizes a sophisticated mix of natural colored gemstones to evoke all emotions of life. 



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