Elevate your USNA Class Ring

You have to wear a uniform, you will have to serve your time and you have to buy your class ring from the ring company...

But you do not have to settle for the basic ring package with painted gemstones or a 1-800 number with a wait time anytime you need help.



Stand out from the crowd with a personalized class ring. At Zachary's Jewelers your class ring is not bound by a mold or a series of boxes to check. Each gemstone or diamond is set and finished by hand right here in Annapolis, Maryland.



Choose a diamond for your class ring that you can be proud to own and wear.

Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

Forevermark diamonds are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark. Zachary's Jewelers is the ONLY Jeweler in Annapolis authorized to sell and set Forevermark diamonds.



Elevate Your Experience!

At Zachary's you'll be able to celebrate your achievements with friendly faces to walk you through the process, skilled jewelers to customize your ring and an exclusive yacht party the night before Ring Dance!



37 Years of Service

While other local jewelers may have catchy registered trademarks to appear more relevant...

Zachary's Jewelers has proudly modified and enhanced USNA class rings longer than any other company in Annapolis, Maryland.