What about my Josten's Warranty?

As you will have been well briefed you will lose your warranty once Zachary's Jewelers or any jeweler for that matter does any work to your USNA Class Ring. 

Every year we hear the same concerns and every year our customers decide that the benefits out weigh the consequences. As with any warranty, the warranty offered with your class ring has a limited coverage. Insurance on the other hand will actually cover everything you may think a "Warranty" should cover. Let's explore the differences. 


Warranty vs. Insurance


Ring Company Warranty

Replacement of any SYNTHETIC birthstones

(We don't sell any of these so this isn't applicable.)


Polishing and Refinishing the Ring

(Zachary's will also gladly clean, polish and/or refinish your ring while you wait.)


Three Year Replacement Protection

"...if your ring is lost or stolen Jostens will replace your ring one time for FREE. This protection does exclude genuine stones and ornate options. We do encourage everyone to carry insurance to cover genuine stones and diamonds." 

(Click here to read the warranty for yourself.)



Covers the cost of replacing of your ENTIRE RING for including genuine gemstones, diamonds and "ornate options" whether it is lost, stolen, or simply misplaced. 


Insurance coverage is valid as long as you pay your insurance bill. So, a lot longer than three years. 


Zachary's Jewelers provides each customer with all the documentation necessary to get USNA class rings insured properly.