Where are they now: "I just started my second sea tour!"


This week we are catching up with Naval Academy Graduate and Surface Warfare Officer, Gabby Dimaapi. 

In Jewelry we often say that "Jewelry is the most personal purchase most people make." Class rings are no exceptions. Some people choose their class ring and gemstone based on their favorite color. Others choose their gemstone because of it's meaning. Sometimes people are even able to find a mix of both. 


"I chose a Swiss blue topaz because blue is my favorite color, and his particular stone best represented the sky and the ocean. Blue topaz is also said to promote calm, concentration and communication." - ENS. Gabby Dimaapi



It seems almost pre-ordained that Gabby Dimaapi would have attended the United States Naval Academy. She says,

"I chose to attend the Naval Academy because I wanted to become a Naval Officer like my Dad, who continues to be my mentor and my hero everyday. I attended the Naval Academy Summer Seminar before my senior year of high school. What solidified my decision was the camaraderie and pride that the Midshipmen had in themselves and their shipmates."


Now ENS. Gabby Dimaapi, is proudly serving as a Surface Warfare Officer, based in San Diego, CA. As far as the future is concerned she says,

"Although I do not have a clear vision of my future in the Navy, I do know that I want to continue being a community leader and inspire others to pursue and achieve their goals in life. I would like to return to the Naval Academy as a Company Officer and be a source of support and guidance for Midshipmen as they prepare to enter the Fleet."


It is our great honor to serve, individuals like ENS. Dimaapi. For your service to this country, to leadership and honor, We thank you! We appreciate the opportunity to customize USNA class rings, right here in Annapolis, Maryland that will see the world in the Navy and Marine Corps!

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