Where are they now: Miss America


Miss America is a ring...

You read that right. Miss America is a ring. We caught up with Naval Academy Graduate, Officer Joshua Choung, to see what all this was about. 

Miss America the USNA Class Ring

"Naming my ring started as a joke, but it kind of stuck. I felt naming it completes the personalization of the ring."

- ENS Joshua Choung


Obviously, we first met ENS Choung when he came into the store in search of better gemstone options for his USNA Class ring. It made sense to us that he would want something special to commemorate his time here in Annapolis. As he says, "I've always wanted to attend a service academy. I chose the Naval Academy because of the amazing experiences and endless opportunities to build lifelong bonds and contribute to a greater team." 

It wasn't until we were on Instagram that we found a post where he described his class ring and explained why he called it/her Miss America. We loved it so we reached out to learn more. 

"I wanted to make my ring unique and meaningful with its customization. I started with choosing Aquamarine as the centerpiece because it's my birthstone (March). I knew I wanted a cluster of some sort but didn't want a typical look, so I chose the Diamond-Ruby alternating cluster. The red and white represents the state flag colors of Alabama my home state.  Lastly, I went with Sapphire dividers for the bold and dark blue stone to represent the Navy and the seas. The red, white, and blue all together represent a little bit of Alabama, a little bit of South Korea (I'm Korean American), and a whole lot of America!"

ENS Joshua S. Choung is currently attending flight school in Florida and looks forward to the future. When asked where he sees the path of his career he says, "Too soon to tell, what exactly my plans are for the future. You never know what life can throw at you, but whatever I do or wherever I go, I just want to make a positive difference!"

We are proud to have served thousands of Midshipmen just like ENS Joshua S. Choung over the years. Thank you for your service! With you and your class rings goes our admiration.

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